writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons. if not in doubt add more dragons. dragons dragons dragons. “but it wouldn’t work out” I hear you say YOU ARE WRONG AND NEED THREE MORE DRAGONS “but it’s a romantic drama” you tell me well tough cookies friend you’re gonna need like eight more dragons. nine more. like maybe twelve. DRAGONS

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me: i fucking hate plugging things in! you just keep missing over and over and over again!
mom: it’s like a penis in the dark, eh?

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who wants to play luigi kart 8 with me


seduce me w/ video game soundtracks

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i drink GATORADE to replenish my ELECTROLYTES so that i have the STAMINA to talk shit about nerds on the INTERNET 

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  • Zelda: Hey I just met you
  • Zelda: And this is crazy
  • Zelda: But I need you to save all of Hyrule
  • Zelda: And I'm not even gonna bang you.
  • Link: That's completely fine, because I'm actually a decent human being who doesn't expect sex from a woman in exchange for my kindness.
  • Link: Did I ever mention that our fandom is sexist as fuck and that these "friendzoning" jokes aren't funny in the slightest?
  • Link: Because it 's true